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Ningxia "one plan two project" to speed up the leading backup talent cultivation

Date: 2015-12-24

Ningxia news dispatch (reporter Yang correspondent Bai Ningping) on December 23, reporter learned from ningxia human resources and social security hall, the autonomous region party committee general office, government office issued the measures for the implementation of the member of ningxia backup talent cultivation plan "ningxia young talent cultivation project implementation method" and "ningxia leading talent cultivation project implementation opinion", comprehensively launched two project "" one plan, to speed up the academician of backup talents, talents and young talent training.
Academician backup talent training scheme.Plan to 2020, from our advantageous industries or key member of subject selection around 10 reserve talented person cultivating, a training period for 5 years.Through project member of support and cooperation, team building, platform building and so on cultivation mode, make the theoretical achievements of academician reserve talented person, the academic level, scientific and technological innovation ability reached domestic advanced level, major in related fields, system, creative achievement, strive to have 1-2 growth for the Chinese academy of sciences and Chinese academy of engineering.By the autonomous region of academician training team to organize the implementation, selection of once every two years.Training period, autonomous region, in accordance with the standard of 5 million yuan per person to give training units under special funding.
Implementation of leading talents training project.Strive for to 2020, in the new industrialization and agricultural characteristic advantage industry and modern service sector, aimed at frontier of science and technology, break through the key technology, cultivate 50 innovative talents of science and technology, 30 new industrialization leading talents, 20 agricultural characteristic advantage industry talents and 30 modern service industry leading talent.A training period for 5 years.Under the leadership of the autonomous region talent work coordination group, by the autonomous region people club hall, in the charge of the department of science, the letter committee, department of commerce and other departments cooperate to organize their implementation.From 2015 to 2015, in principle to select two times.Through training, has the first-class research level, make the talents within the areas have made outstanding contributions in the field of related industries, and play a leading role, demonstration to promote industries and regional economic development.
Implementing youth talent cultivation project.Around the district key industries, key projects, key disciplines and key areas, cultivate about 100 national academic leader a backup technology, about 300 regional technical academic leader a backup and about 500 autonomous region outstanding young reserve backbone.The selection every year since 2016.To build interactive platform for selected personnel, the development of science and technology research, strengthen the practice exercise, cultivation measures such as perfecting the incentive mechanism, increase financial support.At the same time, the requirements related to the competent department of industry combining autonomous region economic and social development and training objective to develop industry youth talent training plan, training units a year youth talent cultivation situation appraised, highlight the dynamic monitoring and tracking the process efficiencies, to ensure that the training effect.
Learned, according to two "the plan" and a "opinion", "a plan two project" will highlight the training links, to concentrate on project support platform structures, and team building, create powerful conditions for entrepreneurial talents growth and innovation;To strengthen the inspection supervision, daily assessment, organic combination of the mid-term examination and eventually period acceptance to ensure training effectiveness;Strengthen the policy incentives, give special support, in the title and review, post appointment, performance salary allocation, make recommendations for major talent engineering is preferred;Pay attention to communicate, to strengthen the daily communication and coordinate to solve in scientific research, project cooperation, the difficulties and problems in team building;Establish exit mechanism, on the basis of the opinions of the appraisal situation whether to continue to develop, in violation of discipline, fraud cause bad social influence disqualified from training, no longer stop working in the field of professional and technical training.