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Ningxia children development foundation for poor women and children's benefit

Date: 2015-12-24

Ningxia news dispatch (reporter Yang Zhaolian) the reporter understands on December 23, since the second half of 2014, ningxia development fund for women and children to raise 11.4825 million yuan and 7.6545 million yuan of supplies, were carried out "water cellar for mothers", constant love action and other 15 public welfare charity projects benefit 50000 women and children;On 22 counties (cities, districts) 510 poor families consolation money during the Spring Festival, to Mr. Hickey, LingWu, meriton, salt pond, China and other 5 counties (city, area) 162 poor families issued by U.S. infant formula, moved by the love and loving people will gather in a little love a trickle, will warm into the hands of the needs of women and children...
A series of actions, the testimony of our women's and children's charity in helping the development of urban and rural poor women, improving women's livelihood of the people, concerned about children grow a little effort.
Women's development and people's livelihood project allow poor women have benefits, thanks
For more than a year, ningxia development fund for women and children around women, women's health, female entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation, etc., implemented a series of projects of charity, has achieved obvious social success.
Foundation actively raise funds 3.05 million yuan, the implementation of the drinking water safety project, help to solve the water difficult mountain the masses.By implementing poverty relief "two cancer" project, the mother has eased my area "two cancer" women cure lack of money, to take "timely rain" for women.
At the same time, autonomous regions federation as actively, active coordination, integration of loving people and businesses to raise funds, support in yinchuan and shizuishan, wuzhong city, natural guyuan city part of the county (city, area) more than 500 women onto the road of entrepreneurship.For Hong Kong mephentermine charitable foundation guarantee fund 10 million yuan, respectively in yinchuan and shizuishan, wuzhong city, small assure loan projects, urban women undertaking for 220 urban women solve the money problem.
Take care of children and teenagers' program for children and teenagers' healthy way, lay
"Eliminating infant anemia", "spring bud plan", "constant love action", "happy children's home" and so on the development of the large-scale public welfare project, the poor area children felt the social concern.
"Spring bud plan" student action let our district 400 poor girls finish primary school and high school;For capital of 350000 yuan, "constant love program guide natural guyuan city, wuzhong city looking for a loving mother love knitting sweater, and mobilize the loving people from all walks of life to participate in the donations for poor, disabled, left-behind children weaving love sweater activities.
By ningxia association of female entrepreneurs, enterprises to evalution, the original love obviously Yang Zhong fort mouth elementary school in elementary school, the sand head, cao temple in pengyang county township primary schools, honghe town primary school single, donated 150000 yuan worth of left-behind children learning supplies, clothing shoes and hats and other articles for daily use and financial aid, and carry out the activities of mother love pair to assist.