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National art museum of China tour into the ningxia western classic collections

Date: 2015-12-24

Chang SongYin view organ, wu zuoren Tibetan female negative water, panting huang hq, wu guanzhong "spring", luo zhongli "father"......19, the national art museum of China, 110 western theme yinchuan audience feast my eyes on the arts.On that day, "the journey of the 20th century Chinese fine arts: towards the west, the Chinese art museum collection of classic western tour", opened in the museum of modern art in yinchuan autonomous region party committee standing committee, minister of the propaganda department Cai Guoying, ai-xing yao, vice President of the autonomous region attended the opening ceremony.
It is understood that this tour is the first time a Chinese art museum collection boutique into ningxia, the highest, the highest level in recent years, ningxia specifications of fine arts exhibition.The show with "western" as the theme, gather the Chinese painting in the art museum of China, watercolor, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture and other kinds of classical art, by the west, the plateau in the spring, to find the source and development of three chapters.Exhibition of 110 pieces of high-quality goods, the creation s span nearly a century, the master borders convergence, shows the strongest Chinese modem art.These works from different angles show the 20th century Chinese artist finds in the west of the west, knowledge and performance.
The tour by a Chinese art gallery, the autonomous region party committee propaganda department and cultural department, yinchuan binhe district management committee.The tour continued to March 20.(reporter name name)