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The fourth yinchuan riverside ice Lantern Festival kicks off next year on January 8

Date: 2015-12-24

On December 10, the reporter from the 4th yinchuan riverside ice Lantern Festival press conference, in order to speed up achieve binhe district of the whole domain 5 a scenic spot, vigorously foster the winter cultural tourism market, to shape the image of the riverside district an tourism brand, let the general public and tourists to live a happy and peaceful New Year's day and Spring Festival, let tourists experience the yinchuan winter joy and wonderful, to "ice silver wave tree binhe golden monkey in delight spring" as the theme of the 4th yinchuan riverside ice Lantern Festival, in January 2016, 8 solstice on February 22 in tunnel ditch, cross the Yellow River city tourist resort, the Yellow River scenic area, Yellow River military culture expo park, the bund scenic spots such as song chestwood.At the appointed time, citizens can feel the winter in yinchuan play snow joyfully watching lanterns.
This activity by yinchuan binhe district experimental zone (economy) management committee, yinchuan binhe district social affairs and culture tourism bureau, ningxia Yellow River cross cultural tourism development co., LTD., ningxia silver city guangdong water investment co., LTD, yinchuan binhe district cultural tourism investment co., LTD., ningxia tunnel ditch tourism development co., LTD, yinchuan chestwood ecological tourism development co., LTD., to undertake, by yinchuan municipal party committee propaganda department, yinchuan, yinchuan daily of press and publication, radio and television, culture of yinchuan, NHK and yinchuan in collaboration with the sports tourism.The snow and ice Lantern Festival activities are rich and colorful, the Yellow River cross city tourist resort will launch a large free skiing, elaboration on the snow ice sculpture exhibition, large theme lantern show, folk culture and folk arts performances, enjoy food festival, etc.From sichuan zigong lantern art production masters will appear for the majority of visitors of 20 meters long New Year blessing wall, 15 meters "the dream of love" king chy-tech, 32 meters large lamp headlamp unit "golden monkey seasons greetings" diversity of art.At the same time, art masters will be from Harbin in northeast
Tourists and residents to bring unprecedented ice world, citizens visitors will enjoy including "ice" "crystal palace" huaguo mountain waterfall cave "" Snow White and the seven dwarfs" Xiong Daxiong 2 "and so on more than 30 pieces of glittering and translucent get rid of statues made of ice and snow art.In addition, there are rich and colorful folk art festival performances and national intangible cultural activities.During the activity, horizontal vertical city street - snack street will also prepare for visitors a wide variety of delicious food and snacks, hot drinks, so everyone in watching a lanterns, ice and snow can enjoy delicious at the same time.
The Yellow River, the bund scenic spot will launch a dream paradise theme exhibition, westward journey foursomes COSER interaction, the first northwest folk jan league, folk arts and folk culture characteristic performance, the scarecrow festival, wind chimes, indoor parent-child DIY and treasure hunt, of monkeys, penguins, take show, games, interactive activities, the happy time for visitors to enjoy wonderful fabulous.
Military culture of the Yellow River museum park will training of winter, winter, winter, winter jasmine fishing long distance race, cycling in winter, the ice women "play" and other activities, make the broad masses of tourists increase the movement in the form of game fun.
Four seasons song chestwood ski resorts will launch the first evening, more visitors to the balloon, snowmobile, large children's snow snow fort, explosive snow ball, bonfire party, and other entertainment activities, will also be releasing "snow world" one hundred yuan to play the sound chestwood packages huimin activities;Launch "sound chestwood monthly snow carnival 1 yuan price of horrifying" activities.
Tunnel ditch scenic spot for tourists archaeological experience road swim swim, military, "the ningxia new ten views" of rain flower stones exhibition tour activities, such as more new reindeer cart features such as the winter tourism projects.
To ensure the smooth and orderly riverside ice Lantern Festival activities in yinchuan, the committee will coordinate the public security, transportation, health, safety, electricity and other departments, to ensure the smooth operation of the area winter tourism activities.Security aspect, will strengthen the security check in the park, vehicle management, transport, will open a bus travel time vehicles, holiday encryption flights, medical security in place, food hygiene will monitor all the way, to ensure food safety.Through holding the yinchuan riverside ice Lantern Festival, strive for binhe district of the number of tourism scenic area this winter break through 500000 person-time.(reporter BaoShuLing)